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This bear was a group project :) My sons helped me a lot! They were passing me pins, cutting threads, putting in place the eyes, and of course stuffing it.

Pattern consists of hmmm… MANY pieces and putting some of them together was not a straight forward process :(
I scaled the pattern to 65% so the bear is the size of doll and does not look like a giant.
I’m not super happy about the face I’ve made – it’s a bit flat.
Did not stuff much on purpose.
Could not figure out how to make him look smiley, but my kids don’t see this as a problem (and I did not insist). They named this fella “Misha” and accepted as a new friend.

Pattern and instructions were taken from the HowJouful site.

Update: took another look at the tutorial and from the pictures it seams like mouth were stuffed and then a piece of fabric was sewn to hold filling in place and to keep the shape… I should try it next time!

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